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"Decision making can be dreadful: Only with a clear understanding of the situation are we able to act firmly and deliberately!"

Permanently we have to take decisions. Big ones and small ones. Most of those decisions we take automatically without much thinking. But once in a while we face a decision where we find it extremely difficult to make up our mind. We are blocked and cannot see clearly anymore. Often these decisions are very important and have far reaching consequences. They touch aspects of our our life that we have taken for granted up to that point. Values, believes, assumptions about us and our life previously unquestioned need be checked and re-evaluated.

What kind of decision are you facing at the moment?

● A change in your professional life
● A change in an important relationship
● A strategic project or corporate decision
● A decision related to your family like caring for an elderly relative
● Dealing with sickness or an accident

Contact me. I coach you, to find and purposefully execute the decision that is right for you.